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General Information.

Is It Safe To Buy Weed Online?

Generally, recent times have proven stoners prefer buying weed online, instead of visiting their local dispensary.

Our products are of the highest quality and are packed in discrete odour less vacuum sealed packages. Discreet delivery is our recommended best practice and packages are tracked all the way to your home.

Is Exoticbudsandcarts Legit?

“YES INDEED” , we run an honest and legitimate business accompanied by stealth end to end delivery. Our goal is to provide customers with potent cannabis products and the very best customer service so they will come back for more and tell their friends about our great products and service. Hello is your connection for top grade Medication!

How Much Weed Can I Order?.

Depending on the law governing your state, patients can buy and possess a maximum up to 4.5Oz every rolling 2-week/14-day period, with the exception of bulk retail orders.

Ordering Weed Online

Mail Order Weed With Exoticbudsandcarts ($160 MINIMUM ORDER)

It’s easy to order from us.

  1. Start by filling out our simple registration form here
  2. Browse our premium selection of weed online from Cali and Colorado top producers here and add items to your cart
  3. Check out and pay using Bitcoins or Wire Transfer (via cash, Zelle, Gift Card Bitcoin)
  4. You will receive a tracking number for your package once payment is confirmed. Expect your shipment within 1-4 business days. You can check your order status here

Do You Issue Refunds Or Exchange?.

Yes we issue refunds or exchanges for most products except for organic flowers and edibles. If you believe that you have a defective product please contact us within 48 hours of receiving the product. Please note that we only issue refunds in the form of points.

Can I Order Outside Of USA?.

Sounds impossible but, YES we are currently buy weed online with online dispensary shipping to all states in the United States and Worldwide.
As a leading activist marijuana dispensary faced with legal boundaries, our operations are stealth giving us the will power to provide weed strains to needy patients and consumers who are willing to collaborate and exercise patience as all deliveries aren’t signature required packages. Contact us if you have any more questions.
Payment And Fees

What Payment Options Do You Accept?

We currently only accept:
  • Bitcoin (BTC): You can buy bitcoins online with one click by downloading the following apps; “
  • Gift Card Payment options: We will accept the following gift cards as payment for your order:

American Express Gift Card
To get this gift card; you’ll go to a Walgreens in person and request for this card and must buy with CASH or DEBIT. Once you have acquired this card, you’ll email us a picture of the FRONT and BACK plus . RECEIPT as will be requested inn the billing email.>

Walmart Gift Cards

Types of accepted Walmart gift cards include;
  1. Walmart basic blue gift card: which you can only get at a Walmart in person.
  2. Walmart E-Codes: You can buy this at
  3. Walmart Visa Gift Cards: You’ll have to go to a Walmart in person to get this gift card.

iTunes Gift cards

We will only accept $50 and $100 iTunes gifts card, on special occasions you’ll be able to buy $200 iTunes gift cards.

Money Transfers Applications

We have developed the best easy payment options for those who are unable to move around. We now accept
  2. ZELLE
  3. Google Pay
If you make your order and you want to pay with this option you’ll reply to the order confirmation and billing email requesting this information.

What Are Your Shipping Fees?.

On orders below $160 dollars we charge $25 for Standard Mail and $40 for Express Mail (Overnight). For any order over $160, the shipping is free. We ship our orders via UPS, USPS and Xpress Post (handled by Discreet Dropoff) and we provide a tracking number via email for you once the order has shipped. If you live in a remote area, your order may take a little longer to reach you.

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